Finally! A way to beat the crap out of people on Facebook! Tired of hearing about Farmville or Zodiac readings? Fed up with updates about someone's breakfast? FaceSmash is the solution. Grab your Facebook friends' photos and let 'em have it! Beat them silly, then post it for all to see. Practice up for FREE, then challenge them to a FaceSmash Battle in the full version for only $0.99!

Use FaceSmash to let them know how you are really feeling today!


The FaceSmash application allows you to virtually knock the socks out of your Facebook friends using your mobile device. If you're fed up with updates about someone's breakfast or tired of hearing about Farmville or Zodiac readings, time to tell your friends how you really feel. Grab your photos and your friends' photos from your Facebook account and throw those punches!

No two smashes are the same – with over 10 types of bruises, you're sure you can get a unique smashed face each time. Don't worry about offending anyone. The final result from FaceSmashing is comical and fun!

Effortlessly access your and your friends' profile photos, photo albums and tagged photos with FaceSmash's seamless integration with Facebook. Practice facesmashing for free or go on battle mode for $0.99. Save on your device, e-mail your friends with their smashed faces or share on your Facebook or Twitter for all to see!

With FaceSmash, you don't have to go over your friends' house to settle things. Download on iPhone, iPad or Android to try.